GOODLETTSVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Des-Case Corporation, a global manufacturer of specialty filtration products that improve process equipment reliability and extend lubricant life, have innovated once again with the launch of its Varnish Removal System.

Varnish is a common problem often seen in applications that use the new group II & III base oils. It’s a result of water problems, air problems, temperature fluctuations and oil degradation. This is often a problem in a variety of industrial applications like plastic injection molding & blow molding machines, EHC systems of gas and steam turbines, hydraulic presses and more. Varnish results in:

  • valve sticking
  • shorter fluid life
  • shorter filter life
  • reduced equipment performance
  • unscheduled downtime  

«This is the most complete varnish removal and prevention system on the market. It removes oxidation by-products and prevents varnish formation during the cool down,» said Jon Haworth, Vice President of Research & Development at Des-Case. «The long fiber cellulose / PP cartridges in this system are specially designed for the removal of varnish by-products which are dissolved in the fluid. These cartridges adsorb polar acids by means of special compacted fibers which create an intricate internal flow path.» 

The Varnish Removal System is available now at

Some of the key benefits and features are…

  • Reduces the rate of additive consumption
  • Reduces and prevents servo valve sticking
  • Removes oxidation by-products
  • Does not add water or other by-products to the system
  • Operates at a wide range of oil temperatures
  • Compatible with all mineral and phosphate ester fluids
  • Operates on fluids containing more than 500 ppm of water
  • Can be configured for applications with fluid volumes up to 36,000 liters (9,500 gallons)
  • Due to its modular design, you can choose from a variety of housing lengths or combine multiple housings for a larger system.

Contaminants such as dirt and water in industrial lubricants can lead to equipment breakdown if not filtered out, bringing plants to a grinding halt and costing companies both time and money. As the original inventor of the desiccant breather, Des-Case has a history of keeping lubricants clean and dry with breathers, fluid handling products, condition monitoring tools and visual oil analysis, helping equipment run at the highest optimum level, maximizing uptime, reducing costs and achieving greater production output. In addition, the company provides various lubrication training programs and tools to help businesses establish strong lubrication programs. To learn more about Des-Case, visit

About Des-Case Corporation
Headquartered near Nashville, Tennessee, Des-Case Corporation manufactures specialty filtration products for industrial lubricants. Founded in 1983, the company markets a broad array of products designed to help companies make equipment investments last longer. Des-Case has worked with some of the world’s largest companies, both directly and through partners. Its trademarked and patented solutions are marketed through an extensive distribution network, private label distributors, and OEM partners. For more information, visit or call +1 615.672.8800.

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