NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — «When You Live Better, Someone Else Does Too,» that is the mantra behind – a new video based social platform using mobile-based technology launching Winter 2017. Powered by proprietary technology, delivers real-life, authentic on-demand video content spanning cooking, home décor, fitness, beauty, style, wellness, sports, music and lifestyle topics. The platform provides consumers experiential learning and a unique shopping capability by connecting them with brands that align with their direct interests. Additionally, it provides companies a new format to directly engage with consumers by creating rich brand experiences to help them live better, healthier lives. Logo

With its range of consumer categories and programming series of more than 200 original videos to date, the social platform takes it one step further to engage consumers. Each video educates, entertains and involves the consumer base in the full experience. is monetized by its home service – a unique feature allowing users to click on any item, product or ingredient shown on the screen and have it shipped to their home, nationwide within three days.

«We’ve tapped into a market that’s growing as well as consumers who care about the products they buy today, tomorrow and next year,» said Alecia Vimala, Founder and CEO, «Within our first year, we’ve amassed 137,000 subscribers and generated significant revenue just from our test markets. While our subscribers range in age from 25 – 55, the bulk of our customers are 45 – 55 years old. This illustrates what we’re providing is not only popular for millennials who have tremendous spending potential but also Gen X’ers and Young Boomers, who have loyal spending power.»

Each product featured in the content is researched and vetted by Vimala and her team ensuring they satisfy both health-conscious and socially responsible consumers. To date, the content has featured more than 3,000 products from 400 brands.

Bringing a true multi-channel approach to the consumer shopping experience, the social platform will be accessible online from desktops or mobile devices. The app will be available for free download in the App Store and Google Play, and will also be available on tablets, smart televisions and gaming consoles. The app is free and users only pay for the products purchased. Upon signing-up, users complete a short profile indicating their interests, which can be amended at any time. From there, the technology does all the work identifying and displaying content on the user’s homepage that is only relevant to their specific interests.

Taking the concept «When You Live Better, Someone Else Does Too» one-step further, has established both a giving back and loyalty program. Each time a user shares their experience with a product purchased from one of the videos on social media, donates funds to the charitable cause the user selected when they signed-up and also credits the user with matching funds in their account towards their next purchase.

About is a media, technology and social platform owned by Vimala, LLC to help people live better. The platform is powered by proprietary technology that delivers lifestyle content customized to each user while connecting them with products, people and support to make healthier choices. For more information, visit or follow @alecia on Instagram.


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