NASHVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — BNA Wine Group, producer of Butternut wines, reports that the brand continues to grow, building on consumer demand and greater distribution. Founded in 2011, with an initial offering of 1,500 cases, the Butternut brand will exceed sales of 100,000 cases in 2018 and projects growth in excess of 40% in 2019.

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This growth has been driven by the category, as well as market penetration in both off-premise independent retailers and chains. Butternut Chardonnay ranks 15th overall in the Super Premium($11-14.99) price segment with more than 88% growth since November last year.* Anchored by Republic National Distributing Company USA, which distributes the Butternut wines in 17 states, BNA Wine Group has established a strong, nationwide distributor network that, through commitment and focus, continues to accelerate Butternut’s growth.

«Butternut fills a demand in the marketplace,» said Ken Rosenberg, Vice President, Wine for Republic National Distributing Company USA. «The wines over deliver for the price point, making them an easy sell for off-premise, independents and chains. The alternative packaging, along with the clean design gives them good visibility on shelf.»

Butternut was one of the first large brands to offer their wines in 375ml cans. The canned wine category is a growing niche. According to a January 2018 Nielsen report, category growth outpaced any other form of wine packaging in the U.S. last year. Unlike smaller serving sizes (250ml or 200ml), the Butternut wine cans may be sold individually, maximizing shelf space at retailers and providing easier storage in restaurants. For consumers, the Butternut wine cans offer convenience and portability, making them ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle.

In addition to cans and bottles, BNA Wine Group offers Butternut wines in one-way kegs. One-way keg packaging is lighter, making them easier to transport and stack. This is a key benefit in on-premise accounts, where space and staff are limited resources. In addition, since the kegs are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), they are 100% recyclable.

Butternut wines are also available in the traditional 750ml bottle, with the WAK® Closure from Guala Closures Group. WAK provides a premium, elegant look, like a traditionally sealed bottle, but with the quality reliability of a screwcap closure. The WAK closure helps the Butternut bottles stand out from the competition and assures the end consumer that they are getting an exceptional wine.

Earlier this year, BNA Wine Group released the latest extension of the Butternut line with the introduction of the 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon. This latest wine shows the commitment of the company to building the Butternut brand and growing it beyond its Chardonnay roots. The wine has been well received by both the wine trade and media, scoring 88 points in Wine Enthusiast with this inaugural release, together with the 2016 Butternut Pinot Noir which also garnered 88 points.

The company’s future plans include further extensions to the Butternut line and steady, organic growth.

Butternut wines are line-priced at suggested retail of $14.99 for a 750ml bottle or $6.99 for a 375ml can.

About BNA Wine Group

Founded in 2010 and led by a trio with roots that stretch from Nashville to Napa and across generations, BNA Wine Group is creating what consumers want today – great wine for a better price. Fourth-generation wine distributor John Hooper, second-generation winemaker Tony Leonardini and industry veteran Gary Carr bring a fresh approach to their industry using a simple formula – discover the right vineyards, retain the natural characters in the grape, coax the best wine into the bottle, and then offer the resulting wine at a great value. With headquarters in Nashville, TN and offices in Napa, CA, BNA Wine Group is one of the fastest growing wine companies today.

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BNA Wine Group encourages its customers to drink responsibly.

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* Nielsen Pivot Stream – 52 Weeks ending 11/3/2018 – Wine Type: CHARDONNAY | Price Segment: SUP PREM $11-14.99


Butternut was one of the first large brands to offer their wines in 375ml cans.

Butternut wines are also available in the traditional 750ml bottle, with the WAK® Closure from Guala Closures Group.

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